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Iron Powder Cores

Micrometals are a world renowned manufacturer of Iron Powder Cores and Power Magnetics is proud to represent them as an authorised agent and distributor of their products.

Micrometals Iron Powder Toroidal Cores have a distributed air gap and are available in material grades covering many applications. Typical applications include RF inductors and transformers, lamp dimmer chokes, 60Hz differential-mode EMI chokes and DC output chokes. Micrometals issues two catalogues titled ‘RF Applications’ and ‘Power Conversion & Line Filter Applications’ The contents of each Catalogue is summarised below.

Composition >99% Iron 

Permeabilities up to 100

High losses (840 mW/cm3)

Operating frequency to >100 KHz

BSat (Tesla) 1.5

Curie Temperature 770˚C

Shape formats: Toroidal; E core; bobbin core; etc.

Relative cost – Lowest of all Powder Cores

Applications: Typically used for DC output chokes, differential mode input chokes, PFC inductors Etc. RF cores are available for Radio Frequency applications.

Power Conversion Products

Toroidal Cores

Composite Cores

E Cores

EF Cores

EM Cores

Bus Bar Cores

U Cores

Toroidal Core Caps

Pot Core Assemblies

Bobbin Assemblies

Hollow Cores

Plain Cores

E Core Bobbins



RF Application Products

RF Toroids

Balun Cores 

Plain Cores


Threaded Cores 




Toroids (Rectangular) 

Squared Bobbins 

For Further information, please refer to powder core technical downloads list

Cosmo Ferrites

Check out our range of Cosmo Ferrites They provide a high quality, low cost alternative to Ferroxcube™, Epcos™, TDK™ etc..  Many cores are held ex-stock and factory lead-times are much lower than the industry average. 

For further information, follow the links below :- 

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