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Iron Silicon (Fe-Si)

Fe-Si cores display high saturation magnetisation, near zero magnetostriction and higher resistivity. Having a distributed air gap means Fe-Si powder cores have lower losses than Fe-Si tape-wound cores. The combination of high saturation flux density and high DC bias makes Fe-Si powder cores an ideal choice for high powder densities, where a low number of winding turns, low core loss and smaller size are required in today’s power supply systems; especially in high energy storage applications (a 30% reduction in volume is possible compared to Iron Powder). The DC bias characteristics are excellent when compared to Super MSS and Iron Powder of similar permeabilities and size.

Disadvantages of Fe-Si are:

Higher core loss than MPP (but lower than Iron Powder)

Advantages of Fe-Si are:

High saturation flux density
Very high DC biasing performance
Lower cost than MPP and Super MSS materials
Available in Toroidal, E, U and block format.

Applications Include:

SMPS choke inductors
PFC inductors
VRM Inductors
Boost Reactors
Smoothing choke for Inverter
Switching Regulator Inductors
In-Line noise filters
>50KVA UPS choke inductors

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Cosmo Ferrites

Check out our range of Cosmo Ferrites They provide a high quality, low cost alternative to Ferroxcube™, Epcos™, TDK™ etc..  Many cores are held ex-stock and factory lead-times are much lower than the industry average. 

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